Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Photo Diary Pt. 1

A trip to Eataly, some organic sweet treats, urban explorations, a desert getaway and retreats to nature. These are just few of my favorite things but these are the pictures that I took on the way.....

Madison Sq. Park

Green Market at Union Square

A message I saw around London

Among the ancient Roman city wall in London

Kew Gardens

Scottish countryside

Date tree in Dubai

A dome of Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai

Thursday, May 19, 2011

An East Side Exploration

Today was a day to soak in the fact that I am no longer a college student. And there was no better way to cope with the fact that I am now part of the supposed "real word"than going out on a culinary excursion. So Lana and I went off to Pylos in the East Village where we devoured some incredible Greek food.


"Light-as-air meatballs"

Amazing grilled baby lamb chops

My new found obsession with octopus obviously distracted me from taking the pic before I wiped the plate clean. 

My lovely Sveta

Me :)

After ravaging the wonderful food, Lana and I got drip-coffee from Arabica. Some of the best coffee in the city I must say. We met up Mansi and then went down to Bond Street where we checked out Herzog and de Meuron's insanely designed residential complex.

40 Bond

Playing around with the settings on my camera

Crazy iron work

A cool theater, also on Bond Street.

We then walked down the Bowery where I finally got to go to the Sperone Westwater Gallery. It's not the art that I was interested in, but more so the architecture. Norman Foster created an innovative design where a moving red elevator can be seen through the glass facade.

And then off the the New Museum one block down on the Bowery.

Then Lana, Mansi, and I met up with Rajshi and went to Union Sq. Cafe to enjoy a drink and their world-famous bar nuts (which was a total disappointment). Afterwards we went to Union Square and caught some cool sand art.