Friday, January 28, 2011

kulfi and krimpets


Kulfi and krimpets is my version of East meets West. Although it's an untraditional take on the phrase, it's my way of seeing the world, which many times is through my stomach. Kulfi is a creamy, milk flavored ice cream often garnished with pistachios. It is one of my favorite Indian desserts and a treat that I always pick when I go shopping at the Indian store with my mom. And my western approach is represented by krimpets. Those sweet little treats that I adored when I was younger don't taste as great as I once thought, but Tastykakes Krimpets have always reminded me of my childhood.

Although kulfi and krimpets overly simplifies the complexities of my life, it's a way to represent two major components of it. The mixture of American and Indian ideals have played an integral part in shaping me into the person who I am today. My love (and hate, at times) of certain aspects of both cultures will be explored through this blog. I have found that taking bits and pieces of each culture make for an interesting life. Although not everyone may understand certain components of my life, including myself, it makes for great stories and moments that I want to share. This is my journey, navigating through two different cultures and at times two different lives, while trying to enjoy each and every moment of this splendid life. 

Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets

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