Thursday, March 17, 2011

XoXo Philly

After spending more and more time in NYC, my adoration for Philadelphia has slowly withered away. But after taking a walk, a very long (all the way from U.Penn to Hahnemann), I realized that the city is charming as long as you take some time to observe. I have noticed that a lot of NYC's character has been murdered by modern buildings that keep popping up on almost every block. But since Philly's real estate market doesn't have the same vigor, thankfully the wonderful colonial style homes and the Beaux-Arts buildings have been preserved. But enough of the architectural babel, here are some pictures from my walk....

some cool birdhouse on the side of a home...

I have some obsession with lanterns. I found some beautiful ones in India and Dubai that I'll try to find the pics of.

I heart this picture I took in Rittenhouse Square.

I found this cute French patisserie near Rittenhouse called Miel. The owner of the cafe was so sweet and there was such a great assortment of pastries, which is all that matters to me! They had macarons!...but they were all fruity so I passed. I had a the dijon sandwich which had a peculiar apricot dijon mustard with smoked turkey and muenster cheese. The sandwich was good, nothing spectacular. But their cafe au lait was truly magnificent and I had a dark chocolate mini pastry with a caramel center and topped with sea salt. Simply delicious. 

I love the French Bistro decor with the marble tables with wrought iron pedestals, the wicker chairs, and the fresh yellow roses, magnifique! 


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